Last autumn I decided to take a course in game development at Högskolan Väst. The assignments consisted of smaller game projects that were to be developed in Unity. This article shows some highlights from the games that I developed, guided by the instructions and lessons related to each assignment.

Apple picker game

The first assignment was to roll a ball on a surface and to make it pick up objects. It was based on the “Roll-a-ball” Unity tutorial. I decided to spice things up by making it possible to fall off the surface, and to add textures, music and home made (in Blender) apples as the objects to pick up. The resulting game looks like this:

Apple picker game. Apple picker game. The player starts in the middle (the blue ball).

The player can move around with the arrow keys, which add forces to the ball so that it starts rolling on the surface. If the player succeeds in picking up all the apples (without falling off the surface), a text is shown with congratulations and the time in seconds that the player used. Else, if the player falls of the surface, a “Game over” message is shown. Either way, the player can restart the game with the space button.

A YouTube video with the game can be found at: Roll-a-ball game (3D).

Helicopter game

This is a Copter/Flappy Birds type of game. The goal is to stay alive for as long as possible, without hitting any obstacles (such as walls). The player takes the form of a helicopter (made in Blender), which starts in the middle of the screen and falls with gravity. However, the player can hit the space key to apply an upwards force on the helicopter, to prevent it from hitting the floor and to navigate it through the wall openings.

Helicopter game. Helicopter game. The player is the blue helicopter fighting gravity and obstacles.

In this version, there is the additional challenge of a timer that ticks down second by second. However, to delay certain death, there are health packs that can provide additional lives and fly time (additional seconds). There are also bonus stars that give additional score (and fly time).

A video of the game play can be found here: Helicopter game (2D).

Catching cats

In this game the player controls a girl that runs around and catches falling cats in a basket. The cats are literally raining from the sky. If any cat reaches the ground, the game is over. For bonus, falling stars can be collected. The game play looks like this, where the player is moved around with the left and right arrow keys:

Catch the cat. Catch-the-cat game. The player uses her basket to save the cats from falling to the ground.

For this game, I spent a lot of time making the graphics, such as the animated main character (the girl) and the cats. I also created the background and surroundings from scratch.

A video with the game can be found at: Catch-the-cat game (2D).